• Maple Leaf tartan and bags


    Maple Leaf tartan bag


    I was recently given the opportunity to make some bags in the lovely Maple Leaf tartan that has been the official national tartan of Canada since 2011.

    This tartan was designed by David Weiser in 1964. The pattern incorporates the colours the maple leaf goes through as the seasons change: the green of the summer foliage, the gold in early autumn, the red after the first frost and the brown of the fallen leaf.  


    Maple Leaf tartan saddle bag

    Maple Leaf tartan pencil case

    Messenger bag, saddle bag and pencil case by Jenny's Tartan Bags 

    Kate Middleton with a Maple Leaf tartan scarf at her visit to Canada in 2016. 





     The fabric I made the bags in was woven by Lochcarron, the world's leading manufacturer of tartan. With a heritage dating back to 1892, this Scottish company produce and sell tartans and textiles that are designed, dyed, warped, mended and tailored by skilled craftsmen and women in Selkirk.

    If you are looking for a highland dress, a kilted skirt, tartan fabric, a scarf or a blanket, you are sure to find at Lochcarron what is right for you. 






     If you are interested in a bespoke bag, purse or case in the Maple Leaf tartan or any other tartan, please contact me at tartanbags@free.fr or visit the Jenny's Tartan Bags website.




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